Receipts scanner

The Receipts Scanner Simplifies the Bookkeeper’s Life

One of the most important aspects of a bookkeeper’s job is organization. Without it, the bookkeeper’s daily tasks become overwhelming in just a short amount of time. With her boss requesting detailed expense reports with updated journal entries at a moment’s notice, it can be quite frustrating if records are not kept orderly and up-to-date. Just imagine all the receipts that need to be recorded for all the different vendors as well as any receipts from office personnel. Without a well-established system, record keeping can become unwieldy in no time at all. Enter the receipts scanner.

The receipts scanner is an amazing piece of technology that quickly and effectively organizes a bookkeeper’s life. The scanner utilizes the most up-to-date optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan and read text and then uploads the digitalized information in the computer’s database. It can even capture the receipt’s image and crop it and upload it to the database. The receipts scanner, along with its built-in software, also organizes the receipt details into categories – vendor name, purchase date, expense category, and credit card used. If the bookkeeper wants to conduct a search by vendor name, she simply clicks the vendor name category and an alphabetical listing of vendors appears on her screen. No more searching for separate journals or databases for a particular vendor. The receipts scanner effectively cuts down her journal recording into one, easily accessible database. Instead of presenting her boss with complicated expense journals, she can now forward him expense reports that can be defined according to anyone of the database categories.

Picture the following scenario. The bookkeeper for a busy retail furniture store receives up to a hundred different invoices each month from furniture wholesalers from around the country. Prior to the receipts scanner, she manually entered each and every invoice received and paid into her general ledger. Now, with the purchase of the receipts scanner, she simply has to scan the paid invoices into the small device and within seconds, the hard copy data is digitally loaded up into one comprehensive database. She no longer has to manually separate and categorize invoices by vendor name, type of item, etc, or file away the paid invoices into bulky file cabinets. What used to take up to a half-hour or more of her valuable time only takes about five minutes with the receipts scanner. Best of all, she can sort the invoice information by vendor name, credit card used, type of item, or purchase date. Without a receipts scanner, that ability to sort the information within seconds is nearly impossible. She would have to manually input all the data into separate journals according to the specific criteria. It would literally take her 10 times as long to achieve this result without using a receipts scanner.

No office is complete without a receipts scanner. It makes the bookkeeper’s life easier and puts the office squarely into the 21st century.

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